Monday, October 20, 2008

Bag in a Box

 I love the bags made by Andrea but I could not wait to make my own version. Although the lighting was not the best for glitter foil paper, I couldn't wait to make this santa bag in a box. The belt is an 11" x 3/4" light weight paper threaded through a slotted silver brad. I hot glued on the buttons so I did not have to cut off the backs.
This version is thanks to Laurie Furnell. I adapted her snowman wrapper graphic into a wrap for my bag in a box. Snow glitter was added by brushing on clear glue. Curly yarn for the scarf and top knot. I have inclued the PDF and GSD files; and my alterations for the tab are also inclued.


charlene aka scrappygma said...

Hey Dixie that is so cute just want to let you know your PDF link is going to the GSD file also
Hugs Charlene

Nora said...

Those are really clever Dixie ~ great job on them both. Laurie's little snowman is always a winner!

Maycouture said...

Fantastic idea!!!!


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