Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring Card and 6" Envelope

This birthday card was accompanied by a certificate to Jackpot, Nevada. Graphics are from Swiss dot embossing file used for the back ground with my Cuttlebug. Added Enjoy brad and cute little dice beads for embellishments. Here is the link to instructions for spring card by Sandy Hulsart.
Instructions for 6"Square Envelope
  1. Start with a 9"x 6" envelope (half card size)
  2. Fold one end down 3"
  3. Do not seal  flap shut. 
  4. On the folded end of the envelope, line up a CD to the top and center.
  5. With a pencil trace the bottom edge of CD to the fold line. 
  6. Still do not seal the flap.  
  7. Cut only the back layer of the envelope on the fold. Then cut the pencil drawn semi-circle.I have placed a colored paper between the front and back to show the cuts.
  8. Now seal the flap closed.
  9. Erase the pencil marks.
  10. If desired, cut a coordinating paper 5"x 5 3/4". Add adhesive only to the top edge of color paper. Slip paper inside and press the adhesive down at the top. Fold flap over.
  11. Insert finished card after you addressed the front. I plan on sealing shut with a sticker.


Sara Stallcup said...

Hi My friend. Looks like you were taking advantage of no work today. You are such a worker bee. That is really cute. Your blog looks really great. I am starting back again. Have made some changes, and changed again. You have a great day tomorrow on Tuesday January 20. Sara

Andrea said...

OMGSH that is too sweet! I love it!

craftNmommy said...

How cute!

I received your love notes today, cute! I also left you a little challenge on my blog... :)

Love ya



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