Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toad-ally Awesome

This cute little basket this a GSD file by Ruthan from Uk Scrappers site. I added frog graphics from Laurie Furnell and Carolee Jones for this collection from

I found some cute frog mints, but the box was not very attractive. I stapled a topper for the baggy to give it a new look. They help get you hopping and gets the frog out of your throat.

When I saw a package of green M&M's, I just had to make these Frog-a-licious Pills. They will give you all the things listed without giving you that green tint to your skin. LOL

Can anyone that reads have too many bookmarks?
I forgot to take pictures before I gave it away.  So thank you Jolynn for helping me out. Hope you liked them.


Sharron said...

All I can say is everything looks froggylicious, GF!!! (ribbet)

Great job!!! And green is my favorite color (after all........isn't money green???? LOL)

Huggies ~

craftNmommy said...

All of this is so cute Dixie! Love your ideas...

Happy Easter!

Love ya


Andrea said...

Oooh that is super cute... and toad-ally awesome! Well done!


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